GHDL offers two Python interfaces and a language server protocol service. All this is provided from a pyGHDL packages with four sub-packages:

  • pyGHDL.cli - Command line interface (CLI) applications.

  • pyGHDL.dom - A high-level API offering a document object model (DOM). The underlying abstract VHDL language model is provided by pyVHDLModel. The DOM is using libghdl for file analysis and parsing.

  • pyGHDL.libghdl - A low-level API directly interacting with the shared library This is a procedural and C-like interface. It comes with some Python generators for easier iterating linked lists.

  • pyGHDL.lsp - A language server protocol (LSP) written in Python. The implementation offers an HTTPS service that can be used e.g. by editors and IDEs supporting LSP.




exception pyGHDL.GHDLBaseException[source]#


Inheritance diagram of GHDLBaseException